Who we are


Who we are

The Inspiration

Beginning September 2020, the spark of the Brimmer took place. A concept conceived in the workshop at home from some scrap material to keep my new hat clean from grease or dirt, still being able to take my new hat off or shift it while still keeping it clean. Slowing coming into a larger idea, leading to the innovative solution of 3-d printing manufacturing. This led to expanding to other products for cheaper alternatives to everyday products using more eco-friendly plastic. Our plastic used will be gone in a lifetime compared conventional plastic.



Our Team


Lucas Weber


Innovating to bring value to peopls lives. Through Canadian made and desgined in house products with being eco-friendly.



Alivia Judge

(Media Production/Marketing)

Managing social media and overall content of Reation products. Staying in here field of inspiration of media and arts.


Ben Hallman

(Top Sales Representative)

Ben has been with Reation since the beginning. Always being motivated to be in the field bringing value our customers.



(Junior Sales Representative)

Giving our team inspiration of new products to bring to Consumers. Learning and adding value to each product brought to the finished stage.